Haircuts at The Cut Above
Spokane Barber    Walt Reed
Master Barber for 35 Years
1801 W. Francis Ave. Spokane, WA
Across Francis from the 5- Mile Center and
2 blocks from the 5-Mile Park & Ride
Walt Reed at The Cut Above
Open 10 am to 5 pm, Tue - Sat
Call for appointment (recommended)
Walk-ins welcome
Sun - Mon
by appointment only
  Look Sharp
  Feel Sharp
  Be Sharp
The Ultimate in Barbering Services
Stress-free pricing starts at $10
Consultations - FREE
    Professional Hair Styles of Your Choice:
Gentlemen's Cuts / Old Style Flat Tops / Retro Cuts
 Ladies Cuts and Styles
   Facial / Hot Towels, Relaxation, Rolling Creme
  Scalp Massage - Relaxation / Circulation
 Scalp / Hair Restoration
 Gray Blending -  Condition Damaged Hair
Signature Hot Towel Shaves, Beard Trimming
Grooming for Every Attitude
NOTE: Our regular customers can schedule early morning or late evening cuts.

Groomsmen Specials
If you have a wedding in your future I can handle
the cuts, trims and/or shaves for all of your
groomsmen for a special price.
Also, I would be happy
to open my shop at odd
hours to accomodate everyone's timetable.
Hello, and Welcome to your personal hair cutting salon, the Cut Above.

I’m Walt Reed, Master Barber and ‘The Keeper of Tradition’ with 35 years of experience in one of the world’s oldest industries.

My goal for Spokane is to bring Barbering back with all of its services and former glory.

          “Where everything old is new again.”

In addition to meticulous styles and cuts I provide some of the most relaxing services, such as facials, scalp massages and hot towel shaves.

Now you can join the elite group of Spokanites interested in personalized services in a private setting for a totally relaxing and comfortable experience.

Can I tell you more? Give me a call 326-8501 or just drop in.                                  
  Walt Reed is a true craftsman. In his 35 years as a Master Barber he was the preferred barber for many cinima stars in Hollywood, has taught ‘advanced barber skills’ to hundreds of southern Californian hair stylists and has sculpted tens of thousands of heads of hair throughout the West Coast.  
  Walt brought his world of experience to Spokane fifteen years ago. In that time he has helped over a thousand Spokanites take their hair cutting and grooming routine to that next level.  

Judge for yourself, let Walt give you your next haircut. You will surely be impressed enough to boast to your friends and to become one of the elite ‘regulars’ at The Cut Above.

  On the FACTS page of this site you will learn about Walt, the barbering industry and tidbits of information that will fascinate you. The PHOTOS page will constantly change with past and present pictures of clients and other fun things.

Attention MOMS: I am a professional hair cutting trainer and can show you how to
take care of your family's hair after just a few hours of training. Please call for details.

What Men Want

After 35 years in the business of barbering, Walt Reed, at The Cut Above, knows what his male clientele want. Men are very particular about what they want. They also don’t want to be embarrassed by things that look or smell too feminine or language that’s too flowery. They also don’t want anyone to know that they’re using any hair products that color the gray or skin products that nourish their aging skin or thinning hair. Men want masculine products that work fast, but when asked what they use, they’ll usually say, “Whatever my wife uses”. To tackle thinning hair, they’ll use a product which promises them ‘to keep what hair they have’.  They want to return to the years gone by, they’ll ask for the type of services providing stress reduction and products that work.                         That’s it…end of story.

. . .
Hey, College Guys
Do you want to learn about and experience the perfect shave? Let Walt give you a Hot Towel Shave while explaining the science and techniques of what most people take for granted. Learn how to relieve stress and relax through heat and a facial massage. Experience scalp manipulation and learn how to do it for the most benefit. These are skills you can use your entire life.
. . .
Barbers, Cosmetologists and Stylists
Now you can get Low Cost,
Advanced Salon Training to become Extraordinary
by Walt Reed at The Cut Above
  Here is a great opportunity to Reinvent Yourself.
Now you can learn new and advanced clipper cutting techniques as well as Old School Cuts, Shapes and much more. The ‘World of Barbering’ was specifically designed for the barber and stylist to develop a mind-set to become – Extraordinary! Let Walt take you there.
The Flat Top
Crew Cuts
Shave around the ears and neck
The “O” Taper
The use of the Taper Comb and Cutting Retro Style
Save yourself from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Review of services you can add to your income
                    And so much more
(Barbers/cosmetologists only)

For details call Walt (Master Barber)
at 509-326-8501

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Station For Rent
For Cosmetologist or Barber
Premium Northwest
Spokane Location
Very Reasonable Rates
When was the last time you had
a truly great shave?

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the pleasures of a great shave at a barber.

At The Cut Above we will start with a hot towel wrapped around your face then massage in a lemon based cream to clean out your pores.

Several more hot towels will follow. You will be relaxed and maybe, just maybe, on the verge of falling asleep. Next comes the cocoa butter massage to soften up the beard and then a warm lather gets brushed into the beard. Now you are ready for the straight edge razor and the closest shave you have ever had.

To finish things off, another hot towel will wrap your face and a final face massage with a soothing vanishing cream.

Now you can live the above shaving experience at The Cut Above.
Walt ready to shave
Walt is ready, are you?
Time for a new family traditions?
A father and son visiting the barber on a Saturday morning can be a powerful bonding experience. Let The Cut Above help you start a new family tradition.
The Ultimate Shave is an experience you will remember for a long time. Click Here for
more pictures of the pampering services at
The Cut Above.
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